What happens when a unicorn-believer caffeine addict has to live with a freaky and bloody older brother? Many things, and more than I can show, because these two characters are the brothers Gerard and Mikey Way from the band My Chemical Romance. I bet this is more than just a fan-comic, just give it a try.
Coffee hallucinations, talking mugs from the space, silly fangirls and rock are included for FREE!!

A young,introverted and artistically creative, rejected boy discovers on accident a worldwide project which plans to kill or change the minds that don't fit on schools to avoid the difference and make humanity more plain in a near future.
Once heard, our protagonist tells his friends to prevent them from death or a violent brain-washing, and then realizes he has to save all the freaks, not only from his school, the ones from around the globe to avoid a plain future for the humanity.
Without superpowers we will have to know, win the respect, gather and inform the rejecteds from schools to save their lives and identities. Not without defeating his own fears first.

The purpose of Brain Soup is to expose an spectrum of underrated youth (in other words, 'spectrum of freakness') that create, beat discrimination and live life as nobody else. The characters try to represent some artistic and/or intellectual personalities that truly exist around this world with some variations such as the designer, painter, geek, nerd, intellectual, photographer etc~
Brain Soup has an only purpose to bring fun and respect to this people frequently called "freaks", being its author one herself.